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Reopening Your Business after the Shutdown

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As California continues the reopening process, many business owners are still looking at unchartered territory. Many companies have not had to rebound from a multiple-month-long closure or reopen in a time of caution and social distancing. There are different things that owners should consider as they open to help ensure that they can get back on a successful track….

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Have a Lawyer Review Your Commercial Lease Agreement

commercial lease

Many businesses require a specific type of space for their operations. Whether you own a restaurant, manufacturing company, an accounting firm, or any other enterprise, you know what you are looking for in a commercial space. Once you find the right one, you will need to sign a lease agreement with the property owner. It is always important to…

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Wrongful Evictions in California

When you own investment properties in the Beverly Hills area, there is always the chance that you may have trouble with a tenant. Tenants may fail to pay rent or violate other terms of the lease agreement, all of which can cause problems for a landlord. When you decide to evict a tenant, you may want to do so…

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